Saturday, February 13, 2010

Button-up shirt dress pattern

Well, I am gearing up for next weekend.  We will have our first gathering in one week.  I am begining my pregaring.  Plus, Amber came over today and spent the afternoon working on some dresses.  I finally got my sewing maching serviced. Thanks Lake Charles Sewing... they were very fast and helpful!  So, we got 6 done today, and I will finish the 7th tonight!  I am going to share with everyone all that we did.  Amber's friend showed her how to make dresses out of dress shirts.  I want to show everyone the steps...  I got these shirts at C.A.R.C.'s Treasure Chest for only 50 cents each (They have 50 cent day every Wed. & Thurs.)

1 - Lay shirt very flat
2 - Cut "pillowcase pattern" from dress shirt

3 - With right sides together, sew side seams then press seam out.
4 - Press 1/8 inch seam under arms.  Press under one more time for finished seam.  Stitch.
5 - Make Ribbon casing for front and back - press under 1/2 inch fold.  Press again 1 1/4 inch for finished seam.
6 - Stitch as close to the edge as possible to fit ribbon.

7 - Cut 2 lengths of ribbon 1/2 - 3/4 yard long.  (I like to burn the edges to seal the ribbon)
8 - Use a safety pin to feed ribbon through casings.  Feet one ribbon through front and one through back.  I use a small stitch in front and back to hold ribbon in place.
Be Creative and have fun!  Different size shirts make different size dresses.  You can finish it with one bow on each shoulder.  We also used the button holes in some to put the bow in the front!  So Cute!!!  Amber's 2 girls, Austyn and Addyson, are on the outside.  My girl, Janann, is in the middle. 


  1. HOW CUTE!! Those Girls look absolutely adorable!
    I think Martha Stuart has a pattern that uses sleeves with the men's shirts. I'll email you the link when I find it.

  2. Very cute and way easier than some I have seen on the Internet. I LOVE it.

  3. So cute . and such a great idea. I emailed you asking If you wouldn't mind if I shared a link to this on My Blog. I am the PA rep for dress a girl and this is such a great idea I would love to share

  4. Wonderful dresses! thanks for sharing!

  5. Bonjour, quelle bonne idée, merci !!!

  6. Where did you get the pillow case pattern?